Prom Pictures Guidelines

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library – Museum park area is a privately owned park that is open for use by individuals wishing to take prom pictures provided they comply with the following requirements.

  • Interested parties must complete and submit in advance a Use of Grounds, Prom Pictures Application, requesting use of the park area for pictures on a specific day and at a specified time. The names of the participants must be identified. The Foundation may approve or disapprove an application in its sole discretion. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of prom date. You may also fax requests to 215-788-0915, or send via email to
  • Participants will be permitted in the lower level lawn areas designated as open to the general public, in the street level lawn area around the flagpole, and in the south lawn area. Use of the museum steps, porches, and Radcliffe Street garden is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants are limited to use of the grounds from 5pm – 7pm for photographs. Participants must be accompanied by at least one parent chaperone and or one school representative. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Music, food, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the property including all sidewalk areas in front of the library and museum complex. No intoxicated individuals may enter the property. Violators will be subject to trespassing charges.  Cars may not be left in our parking lot.  Restrooms are not available.
  • Entrance to the park area is to be made at the Penn Street ramp. You may exit by ramp or by use of the steps at the opposite end of the complex near the flagpole.
  • Failure to comply with park regulations will cancel your use permit immediately and you and your group will be required to vacate the premises.

We appreciate your understanding regarding these rules and are pleased to make the facilities available on your very special day. You will be notified when your application has been approved. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Ricigliano at 215-788-5460 or 215-788-7891.