Grundy Foundation does a lot in our community. And we “CanDoMore” with your help!

The Grundy Foundation operates from an endowment established by Joseph R. Grundy at the time of his death. It was his vision that the Foundation continue the Grundy philanthropic tradition through grant making as well through the establishment of the Grundy Museum and Grundy Library, which are both free and open to the public, and continue to serve the community to this day.

Today’s endowment provides operating income and prospects for long-term growth, but with the support of the community, our impact can be even greater.

Make a donation to the Grundy Foundation and the CanDoMore Campaign.

Below are some enhancement of current programs and services that you can make come true with your tax-deductible gift to the Foundation:

CanDoMore Campaign 6: Archives & Textiles

This campaign has three parts: Archives, Textiles, and Library Benches.

Part 1: Archives

The Grundy Library Archives hopes to purchase a state-of-the-art overhead scanner. This scanner will allow the archivist to take high-quality images and upload them to the Grundy Library Archive website for anyone to access at any time. The goal for this part of CDM 6 is $10,000.

Part 2: Museum Textile Conservation

The Grundy Museum will continue to preserve Grundy Family textiles in 2024. Conserved textiles will be able to be displayed in Museum exhibits for the public to view. The goal for this part of CDM is $15,000.

Part 3: Library Benches

With the revitalization of River Park, the Grundy Library will replace all the concrete benches with new metal ones. There are 8 benches for purchase, and all benches come with memorialization opportunities. Benches can be purchased as a recurring monthly donation or can be purchased as a group.

Past Campaigns

Campaign 1: Archival Digitization – Fully Funded

  • Grundy Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 all 2018 contributions to meet our  Year 1 goal
  • Scanning of Borough photographs began in 2018, with public access anticipated in 2019
  • We have finished scanning over 3,400 images putting us ahead of our scanning schedule

Campaign 2: Museum Pass Program – Fully Funded

  • Free admission to leading cultural attractions with a library card in good standing
  • Library’s most popular Program. Passes checked out 559 times in 2017, up 135% since 2014
  • We have purchased a new software that will allow our patrons to place holds on passes for specific days. This was launched in June 2018.
  • Average community savings in admission fees: $37,405.60 (Jun-Dec 2018) & $73,663 (2019)

Campaign 3: Grundy Museum – Fully Funded

This campaign has 3 parts: Exhibits & Education, Landscaping the South Side Lawn, and an Orientation Film.  Due to COVID-19 many aspects of the Landscaping Project were rolled into the Grundy Library and Museum construction project. We still have naming opportunities for the benches and the South Lawn Fountain.  These items can be purchased as a recurring monthly donation or can be purchased as a group.

Campaign 4: Textiles & Technology – Fully Funded

This campaign has 2 parts:

  • The Grundy Museum textile conservation is a rigorous and time-intensive endeavor. While extensive building restorations took place 2018—2019, our textile collection deserves a requisite level of attention and resources. Otherwise, textiles belonging to the Grundy family are at considerable risk of irreversible damage. Conserving dresses owned by Margaret and Mary Grundy are planned, as are clothing reproductions, a mannequin for display, and proper storage materials.
  • As an early adopter of emerging technologies, the Grundy Library offers STEM programs and services like code club, 3D printing, and STEAM Camps to support our community’s embrace of 21st Century learning skills. With a new 3D scanner, an upgraded set of 3D printers, and a mobile classroom, we can enhance our outreach toolkit and engage our community with artistic expression and engineering opportunities. By integrating 3D printing, scanning technologies, and computer-aided design (CAD) into Library services, we will not only get people excited about the possibilities of learning, but we will foster tangible connections between art, science, and math for all ages.

Campaign 5: Textile Conservation & Orientation Film Project – Fully Funded

  • With the completion of the Grundy Museum’s orientation film, the Museum and Technology department have purchased and installed a 98-inch monitor. The orientation film will play at the beginning of every Museum tour to give an in-depth look at Grundy Family history.
  • Several pieces of Grundy men’s textiles have been successfully conserved and will be exhibited in 2024.