grant guidelines

The Trustees, after review of The Will (Section Eighth B, Last Will and Testament of Joseph R. Grundy, Deceased, relating to The Grundy Foundation) and previous policies for grant-making, then re-affirmed that funds in excess of operating and maintenance expenses necessary to The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library and Museum shall be used “exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes”, and recommended the following more specific guidelines for grant approval: 

  1. Grants should be concentrated to Bucks County organizations and especially in and around the Borough of Bristol.  Requests from organizations outside of Bucks County but within Pennsylvania should not be ruled out merely as a matter of geographic location but should be given consideration if those organizations’ activities or projects may have a significant effect on the quality of life of Pennsylvania residents.
  2. The record of a prospective grantee regarding services performed, reputation in the community, leadership and program sponsorship should be carefully evaluated before final approval.
  3. Projects where broad financial support is expected from other foundations, corporations and individuals, etc. should be given priority.
  4. Grants should be evaluated as to amount on a merit basis and not limited to a fixed percentage of the project.
  5. Grants, where feasible, should be used as leverage to obtain funds from other foundations, corporations, individuals or government agencies.  Although leverage participation should be considered, it should not be the sole requirement for approving grants.
  6. Approval of grants for minor capital items, seed money or start-up grants for operating expenses may be considered for new organizations or special programs of the established nonprofit that is addressing the changing social needs of the County.  The grants may be approved and paid out over three years on a gradual phase-out payment basis.  The agency should be required to demonstrate that the project would not be dependent on The Grundy Foundation after the final grant payment.
  7. The Foundation may consider approving annual scholarships, leadership recognition awards, etc. to Bucks County educational institutions for their selection and distribution to excellent students or staff.  The grants, however, may not be made directly to individuals or exceed $10,000 per institution annually.
  8. Generally, the Foundation should avoid regular annual contributions for maintenance and operating funds.  The Foundation will focus its participation in grants for operating expenses through an annual grant to the United Way of Bucks County. As such, only capital or special project requests will be considered from members of the United Way.
  9. The philosophy of giving described by W. James MacIntosh on April 17, 1984 emphasizing major projects designed to help citizens of Bristol and Bucks County, and modified May 1, 1985, and further modified March 19, 1990, is hereby reaffirmed.
  10. All prospective grantees must qualify as 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations as determined by the Internal Revenue Service and not be considered a private operating foundation.  Grantees must further comply with all terms and conditions as set forth by the aforementioned section of the Will of Joseph R. Grundy, Deceased.
  11. The Foundation will not make grants to religious or political organizations or campaigns, governmental expenses, private secondary schools or individuals.  (See also The Will, Section B-1).
  12. The Executive Director will monitor all grants and provide the Trustees with reports as appropriate regarding the use of such grants and the benefits to the community.
  13. These Guidelines are subject to annual review and change or exception by the Trustees when appropriate and consistent with The Will.
  14. The Trustees will annually develop a list of objectives or areas of focus together  with appropriate guidelines. 

Download a .pdf version of the Grant Guidelines.