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Prom Pictures Application

The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Library - Museum park area is a privately owned park that is open for use by individuals wishing to take prom pictures provided they have filled out a Prom Pictures Application and received approval.


Applications are available at the Library and Foundation office during regular business hours. To download and print a copy of the application, click here.


Or you can submit the application online via the form below.


Before filling out the form below, please read the Prom Pictures Guidelines


We have read and agree that we shall be responsible for maintaining the good behavior of the wedding party, photographer and other guests and we agree to abide by and cause others to abide by the use of the grounds of the Grundy Foundation, which we have read. We further agree that our entry upon the grounds of The Grundy Foundation is at our own risk and we hereby release and waive any and all claims we or any of our guests may have against The Grundy Foundation, its trustees or employees and we shall indemnify, defend and hold them harmless from and against any loss, liability or expense in any way connected with our entry upon or use of the grounds. The foregoing is given in consideration of our being permitted to use the grounds of The Grundy Foundation. We realize that until our application has been filed and approved, our prom date will not be entered on the Foundation calendar.
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